Foreign Partners of US Partnerships

Foreign Partners of US Partnerships must file US income tax returns even if they are resident in a treaty country with the United States. There are often numerous state returns to file annually as well.

With taxable income in excess of the top tax band in the US, it’s important to make sure only the actual tax owed is paid. Both domiciled and nondomiciled partners have extensive tax-planning opportunities.

We have prepared tax returns for non-American partners of White & Case, Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Weil Gotshal & Manges, and many other firms. Why not find out for yourself why they sent their business to us? Give us a call today.

Why Choose British American Tax?

  • Prearranged calls to tax specialists accepted as late as 11 p.m. GMT.
  • Managing Director Liz Zitzow, E.A. has more than twentyfive years of US tax experience.
  • One hour of free tax planning per year for all clients.
  • Income tax planning inclusive of capital gains, primary residences, secondary homes, businesses, inheritance, gift, and trust tax planning.
  • Tax planning before the tax year end.
  • Tax planning for increasing and decreasing your percentage interest in the partnership.
  • Tax planning for LGBT and other alternative lifestyles.
  • Fixed fee or ceiling fee for individual taxation.
  • Accept payment in pounds, euros, or US dollars.
  • Accept Paypal, credit card, cash, cheque, wire, and BACS.
  • We work alongside your UK accountant to make the total tax between both countries as small as possible.
  • We provide legal referrals for all the legal work you need.
  • US Enrolled Agents and CPAs.

If your current US tax accountant does at least seven of these, you’re doing well. If they are handling less than seven, we do all of them. Call us.