Expanding your US Business Outside the US

If your business is considering expanding outside the US, it may be helpful to obtain tax advice in advance of your move. We can help you determine whether a separate entity, a franchise, a sub-entity, or other formation will result in the lowest tax between both countries. When setting up business in a new country, you’ll need to take account of the second country’s immigration laws, employment laws, and payroll withholding schemes.

We can assist you in making sure your employees have the lowest tax possible. Employees often balk at the idea of moving to a country where the tax rates are higher than the US. Employees living on mere five figure salaries can end up paying significantly higher percentage of their income in taxes. We can assist in determining cost of living adjustments, housing allowances, and setting up tax equalisation and tax protection programmes to reduce their tax to US levels. In some countries, your employees can even remain on a US payroll and continue paying into US social security, thereby not having their social security reduced in retirement for overseas service.

Why Choose British American Tax?

  • Prearranged calls to tax specialists accepted as late as 11 p.m. GMT.
  • Managing Director Liz Zitzow, E.A. has more than wentyfive years of US tax experience.
  • One hour of free tax planning per year for all clients.
  • Business tax planning inclusive of capital gains, primary residences, secondary homes, businesses, inheritance, gift, and trust tax planning.
  • Tax planning before the tax year end.
  • Tax planning before your business moves to another country.
  • Tax planning for LGBT and other alternative lifestyles.
  • Fixed fee or ceiling fee for individual and corporate taxation.
  • Entity creation including UK corporations and UK partnerships.
  • Accept payment in pounds, euros, or US dollars.
  • Accept Paypal, credit card, cash, cheque, wire, and BACS.
  • We help you find the right UK accountancy firm to make the total tax between both countries as small as possible.
  • We provide legal referrals for all the legal work you need.
  • US Enrolled Agents and CPAs.

If your current US tax accountant can do at least seven of these, you’re doing well. If they will be handling less than seven, we do all of them. Call us.