1. This e-mail and any accompanying documents contain confidential information intended for a specific individual or company. This information is private.

  2. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or the taking of any action based on the contents of this information, is strictly prohibited.

  3. You are also requested to advise us immediately if you receive information not addressed to you.

  4. Email can be easily forged and intercepted. We request that you do not send us sensative detials by email.

  5. Our company policy is to persue any false use of the domain name BritishAmericanTax.com, our firm’s name British American Tax, and any actions taken in those names not sanctioned by our company to the fullest extent of the law. This includes interception and action on emails not intended for the reicpient.

  6. Should you need to contact someone in our firm about a problem of this nature, please use out contact form

Email and privacy

Email is not private. Encrypted email may seem secure, but future technological advances may make currently secure encrypted email algorithms obsolete. If you are concerned about private information, do not put it in email.


Accountant/client communications and privacy

There is a limited client privilege between accountants and their clients.  While we are under no obligation to provide information upon request, if information is subpoenaed or warranted by a court we must turn over our records.  Your situation must have deteriorated to a fairly drastic state of affairs for the IRS or a federal court to subpoena an accountant’s records.  If they do so, we must comply.  Any and all written communication and documents within our files can be subpoenaed by the IRS.  Under the US/UK treaty, the Inland Revenue may subpoena information on behalf of the IRS.  Be careful about what you tell us in writing.