Case Histories

South American citizen had hundreds of thousands of US gambling income. We handled the audit and proved that the race loses were indeed a business expense.

UK accountant prepared US returns for American client annually. They recommended she put her monies into a Grantor Trust, but never realized there was a reporting element. We prepared back year’s trust returns and requested waiver of penalties in the region of $500,000 on a trust worth $1,000,000. All penalties were waived and taxpayer had minimal additional US tax to pay.

UK law firm wanted to set up a trust for their UK client with dual citizen beneficiary children. We advised structuring and investments to keep taxes low.

UK accountants had wealthy American client who could benefit on his UK taxes from a film partnership investment. We did an analysis and determined the maximum investment that would also return a tax benefit in the US. This matched the funds required for maximum UK tax relief, making all parties quite satisfied.

UK accountant has prepared an actress’s financial and tax work since before she was famous. When Hollywood became a major source of income, he faced losing his client. We work together to keep his client’s taxes as low as possible between both countries.

US citizen had never filed a tax return in his life. We filed returns for three years, reduced the US tax to less than 3% of the total income through legally allowable exemptions, credits, and deductions, and successfully waiving all penalties for late filing.

Greencard holder residing in the US filed tax returns every year, but had never reported income generated by a Swiss bank account worth over $1,000,000. Taxpayer was worried this fact might have to be disclosed to the IRS by the bank under increased money laundering regulations. We filed amended returns for six years, reduced the tax due through legally allowable exemptions, credits, and deductions, and successfully waived all penalties for unreported income.

US citizen living in the UK started UK corporation to conduct their business. We advised a structure that reduced additional US taxes to zero, and required only minimal compliance efforts.

Greencard holder living in the US sold her primary UK residence and faced a million dollar tax bill. We found loopholes to reduce the tax to zero.

US law firm had a client facing OVDI with penalties of 50% of his sizable financial asset holdings. We reduced the tax less than $10K and as a result the client was able to switch to the Streamlined Filing Programme with zero penalties instead.

Greencard holder had his greencard revoked by INS and faced a $600K tax bill for expatration. We found loopholes to reduce the expatriation tax to zero.