Caring for Your Clients

Caring for Your Client

We work directly with UK tax accountants and other accountants to ensure they understand fully the American aspects of their clients’ situation. Our UK accountant clients most often request US compliance and advise regarding existing clients, but we also assist with advice to allow you to close potential clients. We work with you to ensure your clients receive a seamless high level of care and due diligence that your clients expect. By working together, our efforts help you retain your clients.

We can bill either you or your client, whichever you prefer. We take most calls regarding brief US tax queries without charge, acting as an additional resource for your back office to help your clients.

Some of our clients include partners at ABG, McIntyre Hudson, MGR, S4 Financial, Silver Levene, Smith and Williamson, and WSM. Why not find out for yourself why they send their business to us? Give us a call today.

Why Choose British American Tax?

  • Managing Director Liz Zitzow, E.A. has more than fifteen years of experience waiving penalties for late filers of US forms.
  • Managing Director Liz Zitzow, E.A. has more than twentyfive years of US tax experience.
  • The US angle and the interplay of US and UK tax issues for income tax planning inclusive of capital gains, primary residences, secondary homes, businesses, inheritance, gift, and trust tax planning.
  • One hour of free tax planning per year for all clients.
  • Tax planning before the tax year end.
  • Tax planning before your client moves to another country.
  • Tax planning to reduce US tax on the sale of primary residences.
  • Tax planning for LGBT and other alternative lifestyles.
  • Bespoke tax planning for inherited trusts.
  • Fixed fee or ceiling fee for individual and corporate taxation.
  • Work alongside you to make the total tax between both countries as small as possible.
  • Provide referrals to US lawyers and dual licensed US/UK IFAs for all your client needs.
  • Our clients include famous people, economics professors, hedge fund managers, and a rocket scientist or two.
  • US Enrolled Agents and CPAs.

If your client’s current US tax accountant does at least seven of these, you’re doing well. If they are handling less than seven, we do all of them. Call us.